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Hello! I'm Hannah Newberry, AFC and I help women get off the sidelines and take control of their financial lives through education & coaching.In my coaching practice, I help you build systems & structure to ensure your money is working as hard for you as you did to earn it. I'll help you pay off debt, understand wealth building, tighten up your cash flow management and overall build a better relationship with your money. Together, we'll uncover your strengths, address limiting beliefs, and strategize a roadmap to align your financial choices with your goals.

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Hey there! I'm Hannah Newberry, AFC and my passion for helping others with their money stems from finding my own financial freedom. When I discovered how incredible it felt to take charge of my finances, I knew I had to share that feeling with others.With a degree in business, an MBA in finance and as an Accredited Financial Counselor, I learned the importance to taking control of your financial life. I realized that organizing day-to-day finances is just as crucial as coaching on long-term financial goals. Experiencing firsthand how managing daily expenses can impact overall financial well-being, I've dedicated myself to guiding individuals in both mastering their money mindset and optimizing their day-to-day financial operations.Seeing people's lives transform when they gain control over their finances lights me up. My mission is to empower others to break free from financial stress, embrace financial freedom, and live life to the fullest. Let's work together to make your life goals a reality!


My coaching approach is tailored to your individual goals, whether it's tackling debt, building savings, or making smarter financial decisions. Together, we'll explore your current financial situation, identify roadblocks, and create a personalized plan to achieve your aspirations.What you can expect:
- Systems & structure to help simplify your financial life
- Confidence in future financial decision making
- Clarity in a plan to help you achieve your goals
- Time back as you'll be able to let go of the stress & worry if you're financial life is doing what you want it to.
My coaching style is collaborative and action focused. In working with me, you'll get a true coach in that I'll apply my expertise as well as push you towards aligning your money with your values. Do you read as much as you can but still haven't applied what you've learned? Do you have a good idea of what you should be doing but feel overwhelmed with getting started?Take the first step today. Your current & future self will be grateful you did!

Supporting You through Education & Coaching

As a financial coach, I want to support women where they are. This means providing options to work with me. I have three plans that support my clients differently. They are:Discover Your Map: Have a specific financial situation you want clarity on? Want someone to review what you've already done to ensure you aren't missing something? This option includes:
- One 75 minute session with Hannah
- One month of unlimited email support for questions that come up after our call
- Ability to ask any & all questions to get details answers that apply to your specific situation
- One time fee of $300
Build Your Map Like the idea of getting a roadmap but want someone to support you as you put the pieces together? This is for you & includes:
- 4 sessions with Hannah spread out over 6-8 weeks
- Clear financial guides & maps built specifically for you
- Some to be there while you actually build out your money systems
- Two payments of $500 or one upfront payment of $900
Follow Your Map: Want a financial expert who is there to support you whenever you need it? Want someone you can trust to help guide you through life's obvious twists & turns? Look no further. This includes,
- Twice monthly meetings with Hannah for 6 months
- Clear financial guides & maps built specifically for you
- Unlimited email support during the 6 months
- One payment of $1700 or Monthly payments of $300 with a 6 month commitment

What others are saying after working with Hannah

"In a short amount of time, Hannah has helped us take control of our finances and put a concrete plan together towards our goals. We feel empowered by the plan we have in place and are making informed decisions towards our future" - Natalie & Alex in NC

"Hannah is a dream to work with. She's whip smart, diligent & thorough. She communicates clearly and we were always on the same page in terms of my goals. Working with her was time & money very well spent!" - Kelsey in MA

"Hannah creates such a safe and supportive space to ask all the financial questions. She helped make me feel informed & equipped to handle more financial decisions than I thought I was capable of" - Nelle in CO

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Often the first step is the hardest. Take action today towards the life you were always meant to live.